You Lagos bitches aren’t taking it easy anymore. OMG! What I saw last weekend??? I quit!

It was my neighbor’s 40th birthday, and he invited me over for a ‘come-chop’. He’s also my older brother’s friend, so my brother was at the party as well. We were all hanging out on the balcony (nd boy, was there excess booze??) when this babe (no clue who she was) walked up to my brother. In front of all of us, she said to him, “You look like my ex-boyfriend. But a much finer version of him."  I was like…wow…no chill. Blank stare. Everyone of us on the balcony basically froze for a minute, no reaction. Then we went on like nothing happened.

Fast forward to an hour later, everyone was all drunk (or at least tipsy). I walked into the guest room to take a phone call because of all the noise in the living room and what did I see? This bitch was on her knees giving my (married) brother a blow job. I sincerely wish I never saw it because I can’t seem to delete the picture from my memory.

What’s worse? The babe later came around to introduce us to some ugly scrawny looking man that came quite late to the party as her husband.

I quit.